Thank you Ex-Mormon Communities!

It's time for me to step down.

I removed my name from the records of the Mormon Church in 2001. In 2005 I created three websites to aid the Ex-Mormon communities. The Mormon Curtain, The Ex-Mormon Forums and Mormon Resignation. For 11 years I blogged on the Mormon Curtain the best parts of the Ex-Mormon communities. Helped thousands remove their names from the records and provided recovery forums to heal and move on. There are so many other great websites now with a much larger base. Reddit is the largest by far. I have not participated for several years now and that's a good sign - I have recovered and moved on.

It's been an amazing 13 years - but it is time for me to close up shop and allow the other larger communities to lead. I'm grateful to all of those who have contributed to articles on the Mormon Curtain and the moderators who have managed the Ex-Mormon Forums. Grateful to those who have participated on the forums and helped others recover and move on with their lives.

I wish everyone the best of luck going forward.

- Infymus.